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I shoot and edit video. I also podcast and jump off buildings.

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Restoring from the cloud has its disadvantages.

Printed receipt for shitty chair VS 's awful return policy. I'm already stressed out. Let's do this!

These symbols mean where edits start and end. I want to get them on opposite wrists, or something.

I've got my creative hat on today.

This "anagram name" website is awful.

You guys should have kids, or something.

Apple didn't fix the FaceTime logo for the new iPad or v1.0—did one of Steve's kids design this thing?

Hey, . Does the past several hours qualify as "whenever I want"? I'd like to pay my bills.

This is why I really enjoy having old friends from Wisconsin on my Facebook feed.

Is this what snow is like? I forgot how it works.

Here's the stats, if you're into that kind of thing.

Have you seen the Conan/Jesus graffiti in the art district? (pic via )

I think the "unfinished reviews" section of my yelp profile is better than any of the finished stuff.

Still dizzy! Here's a picture of me elbowing somebody in the chin.

The cat is very poised this afternoon.

Today, I wear my shirt in solidarity. #wisconsin #walker #madison

I've been reading your blog since 2004. Shame it has to end like this. Also: Welcome to my routine,

Exclusive behind the scenes shit: