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Can't Taj This. #india

Incredible India. As a tall white guy with a large camera, I am a magnet for school kids. And that's fine by me.

That special light in India is just awesome. #Goa

Marc Benioff live at #DF12.

Sir Internet Tim Berners-Lee describes the data revolution. Without his work, this tweet would not exist. #tduniv.

Michio Kaku shows how to predict the past at #tduniv

Erik Brynjolfsson from MIT comes to #tduniv via Skype. Talks about Nanodata. Doesn't sound so scary as Big Data.

After being 90 minute late in LAX and a quick run to Tom Bradley terminal, the reward is appreciated.

You can get too much light. Like last week when the moon killed the view of the stars.

Last night at Joshua Tree. Now off to Anza Borrego. #PhotoDrive

Went hiking in Joshua Tree, and what do you know, there are a lot of Easter eggs. #JoshuaTree #Photography

First night out in the Joshua Tree desert and already a spectacular constellation. #JoshuaTree

Hockey Time.

Full house at #GartnerBI. Over 1000 people attending.

Going to (Re-)LAX for the next 11 hours.

German Soundbite (quite literally). Found at the supermarket yesterday. #FAIL

I can say with some confidence that I now know what it's like to be "in the cloud". #Cloud

It's nice to be home in Bavaria every now and then.

Back from the tweet-free zone on the moon. #tenerife