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"Winnipeg's premier shopping destination" is taking to Twitter like a duck to water, then (via )

Who's broken the west side of Bexleyheath? Queues both ways, as far as the eye can see.

At last! Figured out a trouble-free, non-destructive way to put my London 2012 banners on display! #cableties #twine

New barbecue has a temperature gauge! Everyone here literally just gathered around it to watch it rise. #excitement

First barbecue of the year! And first full stop in our new one :)

Giant nurse towering over the #marathon masses

A real star of the #marathon

Camel opening up to grab some water for its hump on the way past us :) #marathon

Foamy the fire extinguisher is my new favourite superhero #marathon

Always consume Sunny Delight in moderation, kids #topicaljokes15yearslate #marathon

We've moved along onto Evelyn Street past top of Deptford High Street as the masses start to flood past #marathon

Benefits of union membership #marathon #makesomenoise

Mo & co - the group leading the men's elite race #marathon

We think this was Richard Whitehead off of the Paralympics! #expertcommentary #marathon

Leading visually impaired runner and guide #marathon (Pics'll be tiny now as I've switched to GPRS for reliability)

Possibly the front of the women's wheelchair race, if that's a thing #ignorant #marathon

Front of the wheelchair race not far behind the women's elite already #marathon

The back of the front of the elite women's race #marathon

First runners just passed us at the top of Church Street #marathon

Here's a close-up of in her new glasses, which are blue and have unusual flat arms :)