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Lover of tutus, big arms, and scotch. Groundlings Sunday Company alum. Wore an eye-patch as a child for medical, not fashion, reasons.

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I feel like Jennifer Aniston in Marley & Me, only my baby is a rescue mutt & also, I'm not Jennifer Aniston. LOVE!

  • 1291 days ago via site
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Best boyf in the world!! He got me a puppy for my bday. We rescued this baby from the pound & I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!

  • 1291 days ago via site
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From a more wholesome time when it was "adorable" for a young girl to wear a crop top... #throwbackthursday #tbt

  • 1333 days ago via site
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Husband criteria: Own a home that has a movie theater with an indoor pool in said movie theater. It's real, see!

  • 1381 days ago via site
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From time to time I like to check in with this photo to keep things real. #ThrowbackThursday #Princess #CreepyDoll

  • 1389 days ago via site
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This is after he made me workout. I prob have a 6-pack now so I'm gonna go eat cake and french fries

  • 1438 days ago via site
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I have the domestic skills of a 1950's housewife on Klonopin. Happy Birthday !!!

  • 1444 days ago via site
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Was SO excited 4 the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book but realized I was out of my league at the $100,000 chicken coop

  • 1447 days ago via site
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Gonna honor 4th of July early by celebrating my freedom to stare at this all day... By staring at this all day.

  • 1549 days ago via site
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Thanks 4 the RT ! My life's dream of touching a real Oscar was fulfilled this wknd at my friend Ari's:

  • 1552 days ago via site
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My boyfriend gave me the birthday gift of shaving my dog... Here is Lucy LOVING IT!

  • 1653 days ago via site
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When it comes to chowing down on some ribs... Like mama like dog daughter!

  • 1727 days ago via site
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All I want for Xmas is a puppy in an adorable outfit (also, some diamonds & scotch & big arms to carry me places.)

  • 1737 days ago via site
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Remind me again why we didn't steal these babies?

  • 1764 days ago via site
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Home for the holidays with my big armed boo. Designer eating pants are on. Lucy is ready for Christmas. I'm happy.

  • 1767 days ago via site
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Set pic from the 1st Bitch Humor shoot! I woke up with meat in my hair and a french fry in my undies the next AM...

  • 1832 days ago via site
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The latest L.A. fashion craze? Live fur... looking haute hawt

  • 1835 days ago via site
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Got put on the Bitch Diet by (Oreos, chip variety, vodka mixed w/ whatev, & beer) I feel skinnier!

  • 1891 days ago via site
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Anytime someone gives me shit for putting my dog in a tutu, I show them this picture & say it could be a LOT worse

  • 1904 days ago via site
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I love me a good reason to put a dog in an outfit... HAPPY 4TH OF JULY BITCHES!

  • 1910 days ago via site
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