Sigurdur Birkis


Drum Player, Button Pusher, Knob Turner, Record Masher, Dog Lover, Chomedy Teller, Extreme Friend, Mayor of Awesometown, and I register .32 Volts.

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New trick for the pup is to play dead.

Who knew a tennis ball would be so much fun. #eddiemoney

Roanoke, VA!!!

I leave notes for myself.

Brian Dennehy!!! Dudes got a wicked fast ball!!!

"when do I get to shoot?" me "you don't!!! I just ran the table!!!

Great evening in Chicago and the Cubs won!!!

Great evening in Chicago and the Cubs won!!!

It's on!!! #eddiemoney

Great day to drink beer and watch my Cubs in the bleachers!!! 2-1 cubs. Let's go cubbies!!!


Soriano in the batting cage.

It's on!!!!!

Thank you Alabama!!!

W-"you want to have your mind blown?" S-"yes" W-"hard right turn" S

FUCK!!! Round 2!!! #eddiemoney

just raised the bar!!!! #eddiemoney

just raised the bar!!!!

I hope I'm not late to a 3pm bus call after doing a 6am BMX bike ride. Legs hurt and sweaty....

And now I miss !!!!