Sigurdur Birkis


Drum Player, Button Pusher, Knob Turner, Record Masher, Dog Lover, Chomedy Teller, Extreme Friend, Mayor of Awesometown, and I register .32 Volts.

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will you tell me to go downstairs or stay where I am????????

Happy holidays !!!!

my girl and your boy!!!

you should prolly call in sick to work.

I got you!!

I need to have a very important "girls" lunch meeting..

you need to come save your boy!!!!!!

get off the table!!!

Hot Plate!!

Oh shit!!! Bonnie just showed up!! Birkis+3<18€7~4<1438= #lookoutman !!!!

Getting ready to play team trivia. What movies is this from? Help!!!

I met my long lost sister the other day . Y'all should show her some love!!!!

just don't fly tomorrow or on Sunday, or dressed like this.

That's all you wanted to do is smell a tree?!?!?

look what I found in Chicago!!!

you can't win!!! Breakfast...

The things I do for friends. Over the top!! Vegan taco?!? Didn't know..

Do it!! I did!!

tell me you hate it?!?!?

She back!!!