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chalk in the sunset, at the Layton memorial

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The Work of Art in the Age of Google Image Search

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the things we submit to, in pursuit of a better-designed web

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hand-embroidered children's literature-related party vest = BEST PRESENT!

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oh City of Windsor, this Plan has it all. Clapping! Guitar! Mask! Pink streaks?! Gaze upon...the Magic of Culture

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nice work, &

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in happier news, my mini-pallet arrived today! it is the cutest, you should buy one: http://www.etsy.com/shop/wishchip

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he looks like a fish! GET IT? DO YOU?!?

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is this the face (chin, really) of Getting Things Done? yes, it is.

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so I guess Clam Juice was really big in the graphic design community, circa 1987?

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Mew is the tiniest loaf

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This beer is delicious, thanks for carrying it!

Wednesday, why you gotta spoil your ballot?

birds are chirping, buds are budding, and it's almost my birthday. that must mean it's...GIN SEASON

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here is my fridge, , it is lookin' kind of bare #coolfridgepics

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i won at Catan for the first time on NYE, and what do i have to show for it? a HUGE KNIFE, that's what

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Some dudes who blow glass for a living recommended this beer, and I chose to believe it would be delicious

Lake Champlain chocolates found at the Philly airport!

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You want sick rims? Well I've got 'em. #orrather #ihadthem #earlier

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Deep fried sweet potato pie is SO DELICIOUS

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