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When you enter phrases or key words into the Google Books Ngram Viewer, it displays a graph showing how many times those phrases have occurred in a corpus of books (here English-language books) over the selected years (here 1900 to 2008, last year of data availability).
In this Ngram we see that the growth of the volume of books on infertility lags behind the growth of the books on contraception. This graph is one of those illustrating Google evidence of increasing prevalence of impaired fertility =

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Pregnant Women
Painting by Steve Gribben
Price $2,000.00
Dimensions 57 x 37 inches
Medium: Painting - Chalk Pastel
This original painting is currently for sale. At the present time, originals are not offered for sale through the FineArtAmerica secure checkout system. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about purchasing this original.

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... stress and pain. I asked myself, "What does stress and pain look like?
More from Bryan Christie:
Shortly after we got back from Italy I was commissioned by Scientific American to do an illustration/information graphic on how emotional pain and stress affect the human body. In the past I would have drawn a man standing ramrod straight. But I thought about the commission more deeply. This piece was about stress and pain. I asked myself, "What does stress and pain look like?" I would not have been thinking this way if I had not seen the Pieta. [Michelangelo's]
This is what I made

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Jirí Anderle / Jiri Anderle
Láska za lásku / Love for Love
lept, pastel / etching, pastel
1996, opus 535, 13 x 17 cm
7.400,- Kc / CZK

Our old mothers know, or knew, in their hearts that when a woman is 30, 35 or more years old, so are her eggs… Errors can crop up in the eggs’ genetic material as they age over time. Therefore, older women are more at risk of giving birth to babies with chromosome abnormalities than younger women. And now we know also about the epigenetic consequences of old maternal age.
I swear at the Pill

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How the Ovulona™ helps:
An example of a non-baseline menstrual cycle with delayed ovulation and short luteal phase (only 9 days, which is abnormal).
This record illustrates how our OvulonaTM device can detect the effect of stress on the course of the menstrual cycle. Non-baseline refers to any real-life female with all the stressors of our daily life, with no baseline simplifications of conditions.
Consequently… stressors interfere with precise timing of release of reproductive hormones such as the frequency and amplitude of the gonadotrophin-releasing hormone and LH pulses, and thus delay the luteinizing hormone (LH) surge that triggers ovulation.
And the stressors may even cause the Ms. to forget her daily measurement (missing data on days 10 and 11), in spite of which the pattern is discernible and interpretable in terms of “go/no go” (or “safe/unsafe”, as some may put it).
You clearly see how much more informative the Ovulona cyclic profile is compared to the BBT, which is shown below it for comparison.

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Mary Cassatt - Maternite (1890) and Jules Being Dried by His Mother (1900)

Mary Stevenson Cassatt (May 22, 1844 - June 14, 1926) was an American painter and printmaker. She lived much of her adult life in France, where she first befriended Edgar Degas and later exhibited among the Impressionists. Cassatt often created images of the social and private lives of women, with particular emphasis on the intimate bonds between mothers and children.

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Toyen, Spící (1937)
The painting’s title means Sleeping. The title of the referenced source, a media article, says : Look what futile waiting by Toyen looks like…
See Description of the image file for more about Toyen:
It is not likely that Toyen would have had this in mind, but I present her art to highlight the predicament of unfulfilled yearning for a baby.
To highlight this:
Advanced age of the would-be Mum works against her on account of the Mother Nature’s Probabilistic Rules of Baby-Making: Good health and successful insemination probabilities are degraded whereupon the strict Natural Eugenicist suppresses the conceptus. So that, most often, the hCG pregnancy marker does not even have a chance to be detected – after the nerve-wracking 2-weeks wait – by the not-so-young Mum-candidate’s HPT [Home Pregnancy Test]. Needless to say that, all the more the not-so-young motherhood aspirant needs to enhance the fourth element of the equation, the probability of correct timing of the hoping-for-baby sex.

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Gil Bruvel, Relative Time (1993)
An interesting title. Each woman has her own biological clock, which responds to her circumstances in every individual menstrual cycle. That is why there is no such thing as cycle regularity (despite the long-held simplistic belief to the contrary).
In 1970, Dr. Hugh J. Davies of Johns Hopkins University told the US Senate in the Nelson Hearings about the contraceptive Pill: “Never before in history have so many people taken such powerful medication with so little information as to its actual and potential risks. …With the introduction of such active ingredients, we are actually setting up a massive endocrinological experiment with millions of healthy women.”

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Recent images by is a convenient and visually stimulating - and perhaps even esthetically satisfying - entry way to ’s recent tweets.!/bioZhena/media/grid = A nice grid of thumbnail images.

Most of the recent bioZhena tweets have been accompanied by the selected images, mostly of visual arts (as they like to refer to pictures, paintings, artistic illustrations). There are also occasional graphs of pertinent data under tweet-introduced discussion, and also some promotional graphics such as stills of selected bioZhena slides pertaining to a given tweet. All this is to try and help making the bioZhena subject matter and message as “user-friendly” (digestible?) as can be.

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The Gravid Uterus
William Hunter (1718-1783). Anatomia uteri humani gravidi tabulis illustrate. . . the anatomy of the human gravid uterus exhibited in figures. John Baskerville, Birmingham, 1774.
ILLUSTRATION FOR: via RT Born premature, my sons … hardship #prematurity
William Hunter, born in Scotland, was a London physician and obstetrician whose principal interest was in anatomy. This stunning atlas, containing life-sized steel engravings of the gravid uterus is one of the most elegant and accurate anatomical works in existence. Hunter spent more than twenty-five years preparing the atlas, employed artists to prepare the engravings at an enormous expense to himself, and entrusted the printing of the work to John Baskerville, the greatest English printer of the eighteenth century.

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Art of the Smart Woman: Ovulona Takes Us From Troubles To Joy

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MARINA RICHTEROVÁ - Golgota, Hommage a P. Bruegel, 1998 and The Juliet, 2000 For the artist’s biography see the earlier twitpicked picture at
or the source of the pictures:

The two images accompanied bioZhena’s Weblog post “The perils of IVF, of ARTs, of giving birth at old age – part 2”, at . Gist: Tidbits from a debate at a LinkedIn group about DANGERS OF IN VITRO FERTILIZATION. And I offer Google Ngram evidence for why I was justified to exclaim, “Damn the bloody Pill”. People debate hotly burdening future generations with debt – but we don’t seem to care about burdening them with health consequences of the daft but so prevalent postponement of motherhood until it’s too late. Consequences, potential until experienced: Birth defects in IVF kids, and – theoretically, speculatively - epigenetic harm in subsequent generations of offspring. Do we really demand the direct human harm and suffering proof before reconsidering…? Is ambulance chasing the way?

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When you enter phrases or key words into the Google Books Ngram Viewer, it displays a graph showing how many times those phrases have occurred in a corpus of books (here English-language books) over the selected years (here 1960 to 2008, last year of data availability). See Ngram 10 in “The perils of IVF, of ARTs, of giving birth at old age – part 2” at . It shows the data for the number of books on IVF (blue) and for the number of books about the Pill (red). Books about the Pill appear and grow in numbers in the 1960s (when the Pill was launched in the market) while IVF books only appear some 10 years later. By 1980s the IVF book numbers grow fast and far exceed the number of books about the contraceptive Pill. Even more significantly, the IVF book volume does not exhibit a declining trend (such as occurs in the Pill data after 1980). IVF books continue to be written at a relatively steady rate, significantly higher in numbers than the declining books about the Pill.

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Intuition - Gil Bruvel.jpg
Born in Sydney, Australia, in 1959, Gil Bruvel's French-born parents moved the family back to the south of France when he was 4 years old. While taking drawing lessons at age 9 and learning sculpture basics, Gil made the decision to spend his life creating art. There he found himself inspired by the light and landscapes in this region.

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Jiri Lochman
Olej, 45 x 60 cm
Cena 15.000,- Kc
Jiri Lochman was born on 24 may 1951 in Bela pod Bezdezem (Czechoslovakia, now the Czech Republic). Currently, he lives in Liberec. He is one of the disciples of Czech imaginative art masters, mainly of Frantisek Muzika. Since 1968, Mr. Lochman has concentrated on oil-painting. He has improved one of classical oil-painting methods which has been named after him "Artloch". He has presented his art in 149 exhibitions.

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Marina Richterova
Pocta knežne Daškovové / Homage to Princess Daschkova
litografie / litograph
1996, 85 x 70 cm
Princess Ekaterina Romanovna Vorontsova Daschkova was involved in the coup d'état which placed Catherine the Great on the throne of Russia in 1762. In spite of her influential and family connections she chose to spend many of the next twenty years abroad. From 1776 to 1779 she lived in apartments in the Palace of Holyrood House, Edinburgh ... Princess Daschkova returned to Russia in 1782 and was appointed Director of the Academy of Arts and Sciences in St Petersburg. [This was from:]

Now, about the artist
Born 21st June 1962 in Moscow.
Her father was an academic painter and a professor Oleg Pavlovic Filatov; he headed the Studio of Monumental Painting at Academy of Arts and Crafts (Stroganov) in Moscow; he died 1998.
Her mother was Ljubov Fjodorovna Kurilo DrSc., a doctor, genetic and a female member of Academy of Science.
1970-1978 Marina attended French lyceum in Moscow.
1978-1982 Marina studied miniature and icon at College of Arts and Crafts in Moscow.
1982-1983 Marina studied book culture and illustration at Academy of Arts and Crafts in Moscow.
1983 after getting married to a doctor Jan Tesarík, Marina moved to Jihlava in Czechoslovakia; the couple got divorced in 1992.
1983-1990 Marina attended Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, namely Studio of Illustration and Graphics.
She has a daughter called Dana (born 1984) and a son called Filip (1990).
Her husband Ivan Richter, an actor, died in 2000.
From 1990 she has been working independently on prints and illustrations.

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Equinox image adapted from contributed to record score 67 of

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Ilya Mashkov, The Russian Venus
He is listed on with further links:
For more on Mashkov & his working methods

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Reinhold Boeltzig (German 1863-1928): Řečtí milenci (dřevo) - Greek lovers (wood)
Dated: 1896 - 1901

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Max Švabinský
Návrat z lovu – II. list Rajské sonáty
Returning from hunt
drevoryt / woodcut
1917/1926, opus 137, 32 x 21 cm
4.500,- Kc / CZK

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