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We are looking for developers to pilot our new subside recycling tool. Create Recycling Ready Communities!

would you like to help pitch our new curbside improvement tool to the dragons? Find is on fb.

Hi Neil I've solved your blue bin problems!Check out our new curbside improvement tool on fb. #milton

hi rick! Check out our curbside recycling improvement tool!RT and help reduce roadside litter! Find us fb

Hi Thanks Check out our curbside recycling improvement tool and pilotprogram! Reduce roadside litter

don't forget to help clean up the hammer with our curbside recycling improvement tool! Thanx! Cheers !

#homeshow If you missed the homeshow! No Worries! Check out our Curbside recycling improvement tool on FB. #grnrev

If You Missed The Home Show. NO WORRIES! See our new Curbside Recycling Improvement Tool on FB. #hamont #grnrev

The BinPad is the podium that all recycling boxes want to be placed on!! lol #hamont #grnrev

Let us equip your GoldBox with our New Product. Be a pilot property! ReduceRecycleLitter!Like us on fb

Introducing BinPad Products Reduce curbside litter and create a permanent location for service. Find us on fb

check out our curbside recycling improvement tool! Designed to keep bins standing for serviceCIF Funded Pilot

Our product solves wind issues in areas that provide open topped boxes. Reduce recycling litter!

Our new product compliments these taller boxesContact us to start a pilotprogram in Halton CIF funded

Improve your curbside recycling service! Keep receptacles standing before and after service!find us on fb

Don't Let Wind Stop You From Recycling! Our new Tool keeps bins standing and reduces curbside litter!

you need to check this it! A MUNICIPAL LEVEL curbside recycling improvement tool FOR SALE.find us on fb

RT Our new product seeks municipalities for research as pilot programs to reduce recycle litter. #hamont

Reduce Recycle Litter! Introduce our product as a pilot program and keep the 2 stream system. #hamont

Thanks everyone for the chance to finally pitch our curbside recycling improvement tool! #hamont #recycle

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