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We are now a 2 iPad household :-) is setting up her shiny toy...

Aaaahhh. Slurp. Smile

Heading home. Which should I choose to quench the thirst?

Sunday morning and the kids are having a fun time on Chatroulette!

Best piece of branding at #TMFA10 comes from - give me coffee, I love you!

and here is the head in question

very happy that KT's got the studio space above her office for us - will be lovely to work here :-)

good to catch up with - now to find a #londoncycle for trip to UKFC... have my helmet, too...

Anyone else seeing this: certifate expiry?

hi there - thanks to for the link. I'm in the room... triangulate this...

like this, you mean...

here it is - quick & dirty

Arrived at the QEH for #sffuture - with my special Twitter hat...

Enjoying Bloom HD (iTunes: ) on #bloomsday in lieu of gorgonzola...

#ashless skies mean I'm off to Geneva for #lift10 - via Luton but I can cope.

Wonderful time at with Malcolm Grice and his transcendent work- he showed me his old Atari work

Jimmy saville at v&a launch of TOTP exhibition - great photos, worth a visit.

Always disconcerting to see people reading The Sun non-ironically and without a hint of postmodern detachment...

get one - it will make you happy. Get mitypewriter too

The wonderful at #okcon talking books and showing his tillroll printout of 's makers!