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Why You Need to Clean Reason Number 4724: You find things you thought you lost, like this.

Just received one of my birthday gifts. I feel we need a viewing party for this fine piece of cinema.

Just had a great birthday dinner with friends at Koto in Albany.

And then a hero comes along...

It's time.

Hallmark ornaments.

Hallmark ornaments.

Hallmark ornaments.

Woo hoo! World Premiere of Batman: Year One! #sdcc

Decided to brave a Ballroom 20 line. At least the view is nice. #sdcc

Joy and I had a fun time on the exhibit floor and at the Indigo Ballroom today. #sdcc

Teller speaks! #sdcc

Woo hoo! Batman Arkham City Panel coming up. #sdcc

I killed the Batman: Arkham City demo... Literally. #sdcc

Found my ride out of here. #sdcc

Ooooh, tweets from 32,000 feet! In flight Wi-Fi rules. #sdcc

Ooooh, tweets from 32,000 feet! In flight Wi-Fi rules. #sdcc

I sense a disturbance in the force at tonight's game against the Staten Island Yankees.

So I guess these are the Harry Potter 3D glasses they're giving out tonight.

See, it's easy to keep score on an iPad.