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Interested in things. Not a real doctor. Am a real worm. Also @sparetherock, @theNPRiest, and @macandcheese.

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What the heck, NYT? Articles typically start with complete sentences and capital letters and stuff. 1A.

Troll 2 Part Two: The Bikening.

From ACL on Friday:

Gone put one in our house. For Earth!

That said, this was great.

. anticipating donuts.

Circa 1991, on WMCN at .

No, I have never - ever - wished to be called Bill "Wild" Childs.

Watching Friday Night Lights with the boy. #Texasforever

Nebraska fans in Texas have some trouble spelling Husker.

Pretty fancy place. I can use this sitting area by the elevators for free.

Unusual tie right now.

Yes. #thsmid

I'm doubtful, sign in restroom.

When the vending gets...wild.

Nice call-out in 's email header.

"Push a Blue Bottle" doesn't have the same ring as "Push a Tonx," gotta say.

Good luck with your booted hornet-themed nightmares, kids!

Saw this angry punk rocker hooligan wearing a pretty intimidating shirt and I'm scared now.

. So, you check into a hotel room and this is atop a beat-up rag. Next steps?