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NYU Econ Prof; author of The Tyranny of Experts: Economists, Dictators, and the Forgotten Rights of the Poor

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We precisely calculate that sustainable Greek debt to GDP ratio is between 80% and 192%

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I love New York

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If you don't like my economics, try my photography

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Great map graphic on the death of distance. From 1939.

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The Twitter map of Africa

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Exogenous shocks, like snowstorms, unfairly benefit some interest groups at the expense of others

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He said, "Do NOT invoke Me in support of any one political candidate, party, policy, or agenda."

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The best graph ever on why the immigration debate is so messed up. (from today's WSJ)

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Different candidates have led at different times; election timing is random; SO winner is random

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Support brave #Wukan in revolt against Chinese rulers! HT

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330 yr old Hangman's Elm in Wash Sq Park -- when public executions were a more popular sport than NFL

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Today's Test of the wisdom of Twitter crowds -- what is this object?

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Opening for somebody else to capture the huge People Who Like a Man in a Hat vote?

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She's studying the issues, she's photogenic, ready to be the next not-Mitt top GOP candidate

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I can GROW one of these but not MAKE one. Pls apply metaphor to development.

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It may not be positive economic news that this 2007 Thanksgiving cartoon is still viable.

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The Test: do our Development and Defense people understand Afghanistan better than My Dog Millie?

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I was knocked over by a melee between protesters and police after taking this pic -- woman arrested for bringing a blanket (?!) to Zuccotti Park

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This is the kind of thing I will miss about Occupy Wall Street

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understanding Sachs analysis #TwitPict