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The Make Gang! Jay Silver and hanging out at #MakeHIW!

Anyone in Madinah want to hang? Today is my last day in Saudi Arabia.

Let's make a copy of this handy simcard tool! 3D designers ready!?

Risk map 2012.

Making LED throwies in Beijing using stickers. Hahaha!
We made a spectacle out of ourselves!

Man! It was really easy to donate using amazon on ! Awesome!

Yes. I will be in Baghdad! Can't wait to see the crew and talk about s! #hackerspace #iraq

As usual, for my air travels I always select the "Bland" option for my food preferences.... Whaaa?

From 2007 my proposed manifesto for the next 15 years: Tell me how do you think I'm doing? It's been 5!

AWESOME TO SEE #cairoHKspace 's grand opening! WHEE!

Nothing like a storm to end pretentiousness and open the eyes of the heart.

Today Jake wanted ear gauges with the foo fighters logo in them, the obliges:

New belt buckle design printing up at a cafe in Portland up soon! Goodness, I love the crew.

#3Dprinter inside of a home brew acrylic box. Helps with temperature variability. trip #Sanfran

Making a iPhone acoustic amplifier for the speaker by modifying something on #thingiverse! Awesome! #pfactory

#3dscan and printing of my feet. I want to print a mold and cast myself some rubber shoes! #pfactory yay!

Share this pumpkin! I have this awesome Lamb stuffed pumpkin here simmering for you in Central San Francisco!

All I want for Christmas is to learn to break dance!

Laser cutting a couch out for my favorite niece who isn't related to me. #3dmake #123dcatch and more