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New Follower that is Verified! Thanks!

This is how got me

How does PLL suck tho?!

I love seeing that happen....

RT if you wanna box in your face when posting shit like this!

So guise, this is all the work I gotta organize and study for only two classes.... And I didn't start :/

See what I mean guise! Tatiyana cheating on me

This is for !

I'm the total opposite!

Who is this now favouriting my tweet?! This is fucking annoying!

But who is this now favouriting my tweet???????!

I'm still curious to know who the fuck these people are and why they favourited this?!

These are the tweets that piss me off!!

My most fav. Tweet!

but who is this girl?!

LOL ;)

Deep down inside I'm GLAD it did!!!

In general everyday!

I don't remember Mickey ever saying that. :/


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