Paladin Yellowknight


High function mess.Bit Phil Fish,bit fill fiche.Pretend Naoto.Maurice Moss-ish.Rather be a Katamari.Always nice to cats.Don't Follow Back.

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#DP2sh I'm guessing this is my room on the basis it is the most generic flavourless one.

Have you ever been held up at railway cross because train carrying infinity amount of duct tape passing through

do you want this one embedded in dark or milk chocolateñ

As recommended by my psycologist,I'm going to do self help book thing. "reinventing my life".Manufacture a better me

Or it's pretty cool if you like growing weird shit on yourself.


Thank you beautfying selfie camera. I never felt this great about my face until last two days.

Alright. I'm going to do this. What could possibly go wro •THE ENTIRE SOUTH HEMISPHERE FOLDS OVER ITSELF •

This app claims it can beautify my selfies. Let me pull all the bars to most beauty. Ah. This is it.

Sometimes we just need to download purikura apps just for peanut butter Tim Tams.

Felyne is safe. Given it's the third break in since the felyne is in, idk if we are allies in this.

I'm sure they can all be grouped together, it's not like some are consensual and others are not.

I should get up but this thing is on me.

New achievement unlocked - Out of the Train, into the Pillar.

While I love my Kobo, its Chinese support could be better.

I would not be able to navigate cbd based on memory at all.

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