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..and just LOOKY the yummy pulp!! Eat it with a spoon or mix it in with other things. Better than applesauce! :D

  • 2395 days ago via site
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My Cocktail for Canada Day. Frothy and refreshing. (yep:cucumber-apple-celery juice.) Boy! I know how to party!

  • 2395 days ago via site
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I will have to subject them to the lovely Mr.Breville ("The Juice Fountain") so old-skool!

  • 2395 days ago via site
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Whatta team! I am in the mood for these guys.

  • 2395 days ago via site
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..but not nearly as much as I love THIS individual. *beam*

  • 2396 days ago via site
  • 397 a ticket as time escaped and I was in love with the new blessings..

  • 2396 days ago via site
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...and then I tried to figure out how to use it. (remember: I have never had an "iphone,itouch,ianything") Only "I,BIFICUS" nyuk,nyuk,nyuk

  • 2396 days ago via site
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..and THIS was a present for me from my managers,today! Awwwww..

  • 2396 days ago via site
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(for reference) Sri Annastasia..... *beam*

  • 2398 days ago via site
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..coincidently, I finally donated Nicklas+Annastasia's kennels to just yesterday afternoon! LOL!

  • 2398 days ago via site
  • 289, voila! Emerald Empowerment Shake! YUMMY! :D

  • 2399 days ago via site
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pre-MRI power! spinach,banana,Maca root powder,chiaseed powder,E3Live,+confidence!

  • 2399 days ago via site
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I swear, he waited here the whole time I was away. Long travel day..I am already in my jammies and ready to snuggle with this stinker! *bliss*

  • 2400 days ago via site
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Hotelroom Essential...and I miss him..even miss his breath. LOL!

  • 2402 days ago via site
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love+gratitude to my dear friends,Stu Dead and Bean! I love spending time with you at ThePlaydeadMansion! *gush*

  • 2403 days ago via site
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What a beautiful and very loved bike! I adore this and officially miss my stolen-GT! :(

  • 2404 days ago via site
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my hotel essentials. All I have is all I want. :)

  • 2406 days ago via site
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Is this offensive? LOL!

  • 2411 days ago via site
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My report from EastVan today: beautiful afternoon,indeed. *beam*

  • 2412 days ago via site
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...and he smiles with those old-man-fallin-out-teeth! LOL! (he has only one cuspid left and a recently broken bicuspid..his teeth are so crooked!)The vet LOVES us!

  • 2413 days ago via site
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