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This cute little kitty followed me home yesterday and still hasn't left. She's my new baby Kitty Purry! #meow

  • 844 days ago via site
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My new bling: the one ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all, and in the darkness, bind them! Loving my precioussss!

  • 851 days ago via site
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Eating truffles and spinach artichoke dip i made with Nami!

  • 851 days ago via site
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No idea how I'm supposed to study while this bountiful harvest is right beside me, awaiting my perusal. haha

  • 911 days ago via site
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Super cute Halloween Godivas! #yummy

  • 1058 days ago via site
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Rest in peace, Paping. I wish I could've known you better, but I loved you very much.

  • 1086 days ago via site
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Nothing like color coding some shelves to make a stressed-out gal happy! #dork

  • 1131 days ago via site
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Eating the amazeballs dried mangoes my lola makes and sells. #plugging #thisiswhyimfat

  • 1133 days ago via site
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my future living room, made on polyvore! :))

  • 1140 days ago via site
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Seeing this on top of my make-up table felt so paradoxical haha

  • 1141 days ago via site
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Made canapes! Brie, pate de foie and apple relish on bruschetta.

  • 1151 days ago via site
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Baked some "compost" cookies. Pretty crazy recipe, they have pretzels and chips in them!

  • 1153 days ago via site
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thanks dad for your samurai sword! feeling like the bride from kill bill :)) hatori hanzo steel! hahaha

  • 1203 days ago via site
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been helping fix up my mom's office. no accessories or art yet but this is my favorite part :)

  • 1229 days ago via site
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Washed my hands at the coolest, gayest sink ever at Robot. If Lady Gaga moved in with Liberace, their bathroom would look like this.

  • 1259 days ago via site
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Seared foie gras and portobello mushrooms on brioche topped with caramelized cranberries from Cirkulo = LOVE

  • 1269 days ago via site
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Kobe beef dinner! Yummmm

  • 1276 days ago via site
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Team Nomad! We may be marketing noobs, but we've got style ;)

  • 1284 days ago via site
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Snagged my geekiest impulse purchase ever at the Collective tonight! *Heavy sinister breaths*

  • 1311 days ago via site
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6 years of braces and I still look like Bugs Bunny

  • 1339 days ago via site
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