Bill Burnham


Victory lap at the University of Delaware, wikipedia major, pretentious asshole.

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Introspective dog is introspective.

Phil hughes. Being a #bro

at the ball game with the old man.

From the "logic games bible". #toomuchreligiousimagery

Yo. Cleaning is fun.

da fuck does this even mean?

Hell doesn't seem so bad


Why does my coat rack only fall when im totally strung out on vyvanse and motivated enough to fix it

Wait wtf? #hufflepuff.

Atlantic city: 1 : 0

letting josh play with the cash = happy hannukah! #shalom.

mike Tyson townies on the Kirkwood highway mural

Happy thanksgiving from the NJ turnpike :(

#occupybigedsribs. We are the hungry%.

I feel like lutenient dan. rainpocolyps on the nj turnpike. #weregonnaneedabiggerboat

Sunrise from the amstel garage. Not as pretty as originally anticipated.

That'll play.

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