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I think it is funny when flags a message from the Hamilton County Sheriff as being malicious.

My freshman college roommate slept in jorts. So, I’m guessing he may be behind this Groupon promotion. Three sold!

When I get to the end of an “article” and find the words “This is a sponsored post” I feel so gullible.

Having weigh in on whether or not and I should see their show convinced us to go! We’re in!

Last week I got to be a Mystery Reader at Ollie’s school… but I just got the picture today. Good times!

Three years ago today my little girl was born! Wow how time flies!

My Mom never let us watch this scene from “Ghost.” Tonight, I finally get to find out what happened! #GHOSTIndy

If you have your money with , don't worry... your internal auditor is on her way!

Awesome feature of new Husk frozen corn: Meet Your Farmer! Jeremy - I'm eating your corn today.

Eve asks for her hair to be done like characters. She was thrilled with “Plex hair.” (An antenna!)

Stop by Castleton AMC tonight, say “Hi” and see some great short films. I’m manning Theater 11! ()

And that makes 100 miles. With no walking this year!!! #hilly100

What the heck, ? It’d be nice to listen to the entire new album.

Huge thanks to for today’s FarmFest! It was a “roaring” good time.

A great kickoff to the season. Some really amazing dancing in tonight’s show!

Waited 45 minutes… we were next in line… then the wind picked up and they stopped the rides. Oh well.

Final banjo sound check before the big show.

You’ll always be Deer Creek to me…. Excited to see with . Missed ‘em at .

I watched multiple YouTube videos to learn how to French braid Eve’s hair. Turned out OK for my first time.

First time in 34 years I’ve eaten anything but ice cream at a Dairy Queen. OK, I guess.