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I've looked at clouds from both sides now.

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"I wanna make you happy, but you just don't see it. I love you, but you're pushing me away."

But when her thighs look like anime..

I hate it when ppl run gripping the treadmill for dear life. Just slow down.. I believe in a breather -but who am I?

"I've given you every bit of the man I am; I know at times it wasn't pretty, but it was all I had." I LOVE this album

"I've been dying to open my eyes and see you try, instead of leaving me out to dry." O_O

I'm so into MJB singing all her new songs like Negro spirituals. "I've got days & days of love for you." Wade in that.

Last year it was "Are you.. Ciara, or (verbatim, FIVE FUCKING TIMES) Rhythm Nation?"

Another year, another misunderstanding: "Are you..a hipster?" No, I'm a sexy Axeman!

Not the best, at the train station:

"It's only been 20 good minutes since I kissed you. Come back boo; I miss you."

But Whoopi's face? I quit.

"From the humble neighborhoods we're taking over the dancefloor (we don't wanna go home)."

Bye. (I'm getting some of this for whenever he comes to New York!)

Baking? NAH. Plan B!

But I need SVU to work on these episode titles..

Wait, I want a do over: Respect It!!!

Also, every time I see this picture of Janet I wanna do that McChicken dance: Don't. You. Wish. You. Had. A. Bite!?

Respect it!

I wasn't looking for Jesus this afternoon, so he found me on an N train: