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thanks bro. Did you see the Yosemite Bowline?

Just because #iifym isn’t an excuse to fill your face with crap! Eat smart people.

You don’t have to give up protein powder just cuz you’re in the Paleo Challenge #nowhey! #lurong

Thank you ! Buy someone their favorite drink and get one free. #payitforward #shutdown

Doh! you slaughtered my triple PR morning at #crossfitweddington today.

What’s the deal with ? So many verified accounts with thousands of followers and no posts?

I recently did it to a friend's Frogman - kinda scary!

Gonna have to stop taking these. They’re giving me crazy nightmares! #AdvoCare #supplements #crossfit

I carry this #FAK in my pocket at all times. & are rolling their eyes.

This is why I need to carry a pocket #FAK ! Not just for #hiking

. crosses over into the realm of #Minecraft! “Dad, check out my new Minecraft world.” - Jack (9)

No rainbows or unicorns when daddy makes #shrinkydinks!

Slurp the cap or drink? Which do you do first? The great debate. #CrossFit

genius guys! Thanks for the heads up. I actually #edc them in my wallet, here you go.

Not yet available! Sneak peak of Capture v2 by #photography #kickstarter #bripack

Thanks to my FB page is about to pass 6K followers! Who will be the one to make it happen?

This snack bar porn is brought to you courtesy of my good friends #meal #bolt #core #realfood

#IFTTT comes to your iPhone to help connect and automate apps!

Holy crap! How can there be any more rain left? We’re getting hammered. Daytime lightning is spectacular.

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