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Oh Look on NDTV !

Spirituality in Media? Ok.

This is what Indian's search for on YouTube. Nothing Justice Verma says can change this

With the owners of Shah Ghouse and my japanese buddy in Hyderabad, not sure why I look a bit cock-eyed though

Any reason why your stream is blocked for me? Any other users facing this?

So believes Ajit Pawar is the Civil Aviation Minister

For anyone on Twitter who may get arrested/detained at a club bust Important information

Look! And Behold !

Look at how is having an epic epic field day tweeting about Julian Assange's loss in the UK.

You could be fooled in to thinking they were raising the flag at uh Fort. :P

After our class picture today :)

Chillin while Mr performed in the background. Good times in Hyderabad :)

Good times at Sukoon!

Just back from the University fest Sukoon! What a great time was had :D

Good times! spot the guy between the hot ladies ;-)

True, you did see the twitpic i uploaded yesterday right? here you go, from our class forum.

This is what happens on our class forum on Facebook. The Commies are crazy!