Ben Vanik


ಠ_ಠ At Google Seattle working on Picnik and Chromium/WebGL. Previously of MS Live Labs/Seadragon. Hacking out an Xbox 360 emulator for fun.

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Bacon watermelon skewers O_o

Broadway QFC has Dave's Killer Bread!

'oh look they gave me a to-go mug'


Seen in the resident parking of my apartment complex #douchebag

Need an ikea-style instruction manual to even know where to start

Smash bros night

Smash bros night

Never heard a banjo sound so good / Highway Evangelism

Why hello outside sir


When the office is closed for 4 days science happens!

Sometimes I need a reminder

Happy 4th, Seattle

Picnik picnic

Best use of Google+ Hangouts yet, besides 24/7 Nyan Cat dance parties

Apparently there's a pride street fair thing outside my place - cool

You *bastards*!

Summer riverside lunch eating:

Summer riverside lunch eating: