Ben Vanik


ಠ_ಠ At Google Seattle working on Picnik and Chromium/WebGL. Previously of MS Live Labs/Seadragon. Hacking out an Xbox 360 emulator for fun.

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All of my programming projects from when I was 10-13, mostly qbasic - need a USB floppy drive to get them on github ;)

Cleaning up my life a bit - remember when these were cool? I don't, so wtf do I still have it? Anyone want?

Cup ramen and Team Fortress - it's like college all over again, but with money and booze

Top Gun on an improvised home theater screen? Uh, I'm in

Nooo my favorite machine is broken ;(

Noooooo not my favorite machine!!!



Why does this exist?

Have you ever skipped a really good song because the album art was too creepy? Me neither, until this o_o

Time for some light afternoon reading before diving into an all-night hack session:

Gary Hustwit rocks

'did you save room for dessert?' 'there's dessert!' 'yeah, it's a little thing called MORE CHICKEN AND FUCKING WAFFLES'

Oh fuck yeah

"Sometimes it takes too long to loan out a MBP so I have to bring my Mac Pro and 30" monitor to class" #1stWorldProblem

Pasta, by Design - this is simultaneously the most beautiful and most delightfully nerdy cookbook I have ever seen

Best infographic ever #hive11

Oh god who gave this man an app? Also, do want

'ahhh free raspberry macaroons~~~~~~~' - I love you Oddfellows guy and your giving us free raspberry macaroons <3