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Do my portrait in front of this crazy pattern.. to screw with people of the future trying to cut me out in photoshop


Thinking up some ridiculous backgrounds to put on for #IBMPURESYSTEMS

Making a puppet..

Strangest spam mail yet... They're on their way to my house?

Showing me his doll collection on skype

I think Gok's book would have looked better like this

Doing my best game of thrones impression, warning other CrimeTube occupants that 'Winter is coming'..

I have eaten most of these.. Send HELP


oh yes..

Ok going to abandon the train, try and edit on the roof..

Lunch on the roof...

New MacBook Air sleeve..

Breakfast with and .. Croissant debris

Why has this been posted to me? & why is it so disturbing? answers on a postcard..

Tripod and camera cable tied to post, record button pressed. Job Done.