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Fell asleep and thankfully roast was perfect. #pmki breakfast. Too lazy for gravy.

My precious pull apart tender roast beast. #pmki

My date for tonight. #pmki

I almost shit myself at this creepy Mauragorn photoshop. Back to drawing board.

Couldn't sleep so I made this #pmki sandwich. Bologna with chips and nachos cheese. Mmmmmm.

Drivers licence from ten years ago and nothing has changed. Hell, looked same when I was 16.

My offering to the temple of the Psycho Squirrel. May he tear it to pieces for his nest and it bring me a job.

If I die soon, it was because my deck collapsed on me. It was a good run.

I like my chili dog hot.

Beer fridge defrosted for 24hours outside and still this. Guess I shouldn't have waited 6 years.

God I'm glad I don't load beer trucks anymore. This would have sucked.

Now there's some bennyc #pmki chili. Notice the setup and thickness around the sides. Perfect.

A sneaky sneaky sir

Behold: the shit on a shingle burger. A plump juicy burger fried in bacon grease topped with sausage gravy.

Sausage gravy with toast. No biscuits.

Bacon, tuna mac and cheese, burger.

I can't quit u Deeks.

Psycho Squirrel damage. That desk chair really brought the deck together for 8 years.

Psycho Squirrel sitting on the fence this morning. He fears no predators. He has wilderness street cred.

Sad none of my turkey dog is sad.