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musician / flier / rider of motor coaches. born in indiana / live in texas. turn the pedal steel up. my opinions are my own, duh.

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Nice. DirecTV. Tons of channels. This is gonna be a nice 3.5hrs.

Post show grillin' here in West Virginia.... is our resident grill master.

REALLY?!?!?!?!? We haven't even left the ground yet.

One of the best south park moments ever

Look at those sexy fast moving fangers!

. Jib - check. Rain - check.

Not going to Portland...wxr in midwest proved too nasty to fly in...sunny in Austin but DAYUMIT its HOT!

. "So the both of y'all are single? Lemme give you my card gurl! My pager number is the good one there.."

. "Hey guys"

Driving lessons.

. It is too hot for us. Watching this sucker indoors!

"Guys I just don't know."

Spending the rest of the day on the lake...

Good show in Detroit. Watching Joe Nichols bring the house down. Home tomorrow


#CTE aka "Commitment To Excellence." That's a Ben-ism.Polishing, lubricating, and stringing the Franklin steel.

. Bringing some CTE to the steel...just polished the front neck. Gleaming.

Someone's happy to see me.

hey palllllll