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WordPress specialist. Small business owner. Frequent flyer. Eater of nice things, drinker of nice things. INTJ.

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OK, not *that* fast. But still quicker than three years.. guessing it’s the iPhone being slow vs the SSD

This is why we don’t allow clients to dictate design ;-) cc

it followed my gor met dinner

you totes jelly over my bogan dessert ?

wearing my slippers outside - oh - that probably makes me 90

these guys must be good, can afford ALL TEH COLOURS

Yeah, Dell, it’s called Dropbox. Ta.

Wouldn’t be Melbourne without people protesting something. Just cost me $2 extra in cab fares.

waves from my apartment - I can see you -

Watching enjoy his ‘man gravy’ that tastes like maypole syrup

The last couple of pulses from a server before dying.. It’s in heaven now.

Errr what #LinkedInSpam

need to buy this

you need to buy this for you know who.

Oh, my two shirts got here! Probably won’t use the app but shirts are cool #kickstarterStuff

What quality book do I buy

Great Italian dinner at tonight, top effort by and the team. Best dinner yet!

This Bluetooth / geofence dongle thing is cool. Tho I think if you’re using for kids you need parenting lessons!

Hi, any reason why it appears network is dying a slow death over last 12 months+ ?

Another toy from kickstarter arrived! The smart wallit.