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After a hard day on stage, our hero surveys the route home

Fred the Chihuahua Puppy has come to stay for the day.

The Italian Ministry of Heath guide to drinking on an empty/full tummy, what will put you over the limit, by bodyweight.

The Pope has awesome shoes.


Another! #northlondonmathsgangs

North London. Land of the maths gangs.

Disconnecting for a bit.

DaftPunk coverband. They're oddly singing Justin Timberlake's "SexyBack". I am very confused.

I've got spimes in my breakfast! My fishfingers (don't judge) had a tracking code. Going to I find:

Watching the photographers watching the squatters at in Fitzroy Square. Nice day for it. #retrorevolution

Pico is much happier now.

The £1.99 "Special Offer" white wine from the local offy. Send help if I don't tweet again. #howdotheygetthecattositonthebottle?

The Hammersley boys have been on adventures. Pico is thusly tired. #snoozypuppy

Ooh. Baker Street astronomy.

The #lift hashtag *schedule*. Getting out of hand, this.

Edwin waits.

Talking to my week-old nephew, as he falls asleep in my arms.

The Boys on the Bus #adventureswithpuppies

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