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Engagement editor at @MotherJones by day. Now That's What I Call Music! expert by night. I don't consider this therapy.

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"The Day My Kid Went Punk"

This is my favorite page from the early draft of 'Pirates of the Caribbean" screenplay

I can hear a bunch of teens playing Beirut next door to my father’s house

please notice the time stamps

please notice the time stamps

What is this magical award, ?

what is happening

You double commented on my Facebook so I deleted it and got this option. hahaahaha

do you know about this app?

This is my favorite humblebrag ever

This post to my high school's alumni Facebook page is killing me for so many reasons (cc: )

snapchat is for teens

i’m right with you. I do feel bad though. I’ve been trying (and failing to quit) as well

Apple, I love you but your bringing me down

My vision is not great but i am working from a hotel business center and thus have to keep my resolution tiny. Thus->

I’m at Frank Luntz’s house

This tweet is intended for, and can only fully be appreciated by, the constellation of Denny’s fanatics I know.

Is lacrosse even a sport?

Live from the smoking cage at Dodger Stadium!