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People laugh because I am different. And I laugh because they are all the same. #beliebing till the end.

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finished it watcha think

Haha #goodtimes

I boughtthis for my book and I decorate it whatcha think?

remember ?! Lololol

look xD

BAAAAAM I'm pregnant


elkrneeh malna ewanis xD btw tra lona foshii :)

I took these yesterday xD

and this is the other half

maybe you'll see theses u need to memorize them for the exam

ok ;)

hatha mn foog ra7 asweha 3la eljanb elii ma feh ward

this what I'm gonna do with my hair for the wedding u like it ? Simple

5 things I want to do before I die...


it was awkward when I bought this mom was like shno Hal 5rabeee6 xD ana g3at arge3 xD


idk if it's right though /: