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I love Justin Bieber and Gaga :) #NSN

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I already did xD but we are waiting for my uniform "lel7een 3nd el 5aya6"

Omg spotted in NYC :') she looks amazing!

I just got back :') I bought some school supples :D .. Did you buy them yet?

we were at the mall 'o 9akat hoosha' ;o look at the blood ;o

did you know that taylor swift will release a fragrance :D?called wonderstruck ;D shakla 7lo..shrayij :D ?

omg look what marina are playing ._. Awkward Rihanna moments xD balawii rihanoo xD

3) lady gaga 'm'alfa sha59ia isimha (Jo Calderone)' fa yat 3ala shakil rayal!jb lama shafha :p cute

look at this ;(


Awww 's face while watching 'Jo Calderone' perform ! Cute :p


look a this :')

Yesterday I bought 2 T-Shirts ;D my sis is wearing the BTW t-shirt now xD

check out this VOLDEMORT pic xD *if you didn't see it yet* xD

lool me too ;p look ! XD

this is what I see :/ there is no feather

hey supp :') !?

hahahaa see this xD •forever alone• xD :

LOOOOOOOOOL XDDDD hahaha look at this ::

Can't read my , can't read my , no he can't read my poker face - xD