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To preemptively answer your question: Yes, I am working on What If Episode III. Thank you for your patience.

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Comforting notes left by .

No jokes here.
I now have nineteen bananas.

One away...
Preemptively: Thank you for all of your support! You are amazing.

I am a very happy big kid right now. (cc: )

I am a very happy big kid right now. (cc: )

MVP! Laser blaster master!

Just a leisurely Saturday drive.

The "can't" is what makes this fortune cookie's fortune so amazing.

This took me two minutes. #prowrapper

It's the thought that counts, right? Happy birthday!

Just odd.

Yes I have been breeding Pokemon during renders and exports. #impish #Honedge (cc: & )


Text exchanges with parents are the best.

Hey, mom and dad, want to explain these weird plastic lizards around the bathroom sink? #emptynesters

Well that was fortunately uneventful. #hospitals

Photoshop? RT : I lost my phone at #VidCon and I'm most sad about losing my picture with

Damn, Little Inferno is bleak.

This is my existence presently. #WhatIf

One of those obligatory mid-sandwich-bite pics for you. #notathing

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