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Im ginger 5foot11, 16 years old, single, and an aspiring actress/presenter. Any help?? BBM:23AE8D60

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The second I'm a official youth table tennis umpire....this is the gay one lool

The first IM A LIFEGUARD!! If your drowning ill share my kiss of life! Looool

I got my glasses!! My mummy went and got them for me!!!

Shall I change my display picture??

Right so let me prove you wrong!

Well is really enjoying her oreo and galaxy milkshake!!

Who thinks I'd be able to pull looking like this?? Need honest opinions please!!!

Who thinks I'd be able to pull looking like this need honest opinions!!

Soo do you think I'm gonna pull??

Boni here it is! Lool

How does this look guys need opinions!? Please

Aww my little bro is gonna be 9 next week!

Hehe beckys sister got a picture of her from this morning with no makeup rough or what!!!

hahaha that's him!

My drama lesson everyone!!! The lovely naomi!!

Me and my little brother!! Watch my face yeah!!

Haha look at what my sister esque or what?? Lool :)

it was soo amazing I hope jayne gives you the skittles!!

woooooooowww!!! You guys where amazing!! :D xxx

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