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Simple Nestor Diaz photo of Basla during Beauty Pill's museum sessions. Dunno why I love this photo, but I do.

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Sensuous shot of Jean during Beauty Pill's Immersive Ideal sessions. Photo by .

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Excellent photo of Ryan Nelson taken during Beauty Pill's Immersive Ideal sessions. Photo by Nestor Diaz.

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Make that eleven.

For a little while, this was the entrance to my office(!). #grateful

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Abram Goodrich playing percussion on "Afrikaner Barista." Working with Abram again feels natural and right.

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Took this photo of Jean at the piano with vibraphone and AC30 in background. Faint Velvet underground feel.

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A photo of the room. Photo from Jean's phone, taken this morning before the band arrived. #immersiveideal

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Hilarious photo of and me in a '07 Tape Op Conference hotel room. I'm pretty good at zombie face.

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Throwing this in the trash. Wondered: Will it someday come back as a fashionable ironic kitsch item?

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Reading a book about the civil rights movement and my dad's name comes up.

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Yours truly dropping science like Galileo dropped the orange. Looking for the photographer who took this.

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Holly Montoya at the trap set. Looking for the photographer who took this.

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Children's book found at the public library. The title doesn't have quite the same... sense of... menace...

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A shot from the making of the new Studio G in McCarren Park (nickname Studio G5000.) Francisco Botero with vacuum.

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Note the Matchless in the corner, found used and cheap, pre-Ebay. I was into the idea of confrontational clarity.

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"Yes, I know. But TV On The Radio will be here in only three short years and you'll stop looking at me that way."

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Smart Went Crazy in Seattle circa '98. Maybe I... shouldn't have... sold this... guitar...

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I was at the DMV last weekend. Saw this in a driver training pamphlet. Definitely one of the scarier graphics.

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It is encouraging that USA TODAY keeps its cool in a crisis. Definitely interested in that wedding checklist.

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