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welcome home, hello dad comics

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bicycle ladies' cartoons from that book I was reading, for

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i am digging images of early biking outfits

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Halifax is too windy today. I left my house with my hair in a braid and now I look like this.

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check out Jerry Lee on the keys

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It's just getting started, and this Aquaman drawing (from the oddly timed comic) is my contribution. There will be more!

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I still laugh whenever I think of singing this song.

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sketch pages from last comic update. so you can see into my, uhmm, process. Hmm.

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Drawing these 1920s type sport ladies. I like them. Might think of something for them. Comic update later today!

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now it is like we all shared this special moment

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durp durp

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croquet and snacks

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Man. Sometimes it's just a super nice day and all you want is to go for a ride with your best bros.

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bla bla bla sketchin pirates

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I did do some hourlies so far today. If I do more I will try to make them more interesting/better drawn

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yesterday and I went to see Robin Hood. I liked it, though the Great Big Sea guy threw me off every time he sang. I won't spoil for you the parts that were hilarious.

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Comic should update tonight. We return to 221b Baker St, as promised.

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At the used book store I picked up some intense Nova Scotia literature. Hopefully I will read them, instead of buying them and not reading, which happens sometimes.

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Mom just forwarded me this cartoon in an email called "Possibly the Best Cartoon of the Century." I think now I will never impress her with mine.

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today's warm up drawing is me and the drunk man

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