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Can’t decide if this is a) how to spot a Walmart Rangers fan or b) a shirt I wouldn’t mind having.

Please tell me this was intentional. #nationals #jokesthatwritethemselves

Camden Yards is extremely accessible when they’re out of town. We just walked right in

What the hell is Dutch wearing on tv?

Wtf ?

I thought these were supposed to go to 3rd world countries


Hey, & , stop it

Lol women & sports (w/apologies to )

Yankee Stadium looks a little different than the picture I saw on my tl yesterday

Just a note for everyone who can read this

Is this déjà vu or did one of you take this Intertek Beyond Safety class a few months ago & tweet this pic?

Keith Law > Jon Heyman #obvioustweet


Am I the only person that thinks of this guy when they hear Randall Cobb’s name? #randalltexcobb

Miss Kay is!

So buying this for for Christmas. Don’t tell her

Why is God saying mean things to Yorvit Torrealba?

SW Fort Worth Target has nice selection of Cowboys, Mavs, Rangers, Horns, and Horned Frogs stuff. And this…