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building time machine as cofounder o' @timehop • fan of @lorwich • adder of ascii art in git commits

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I'm being trolled by & … halp!

mine seems to:

While searching the internet for Xcode help, I found this / i love the internet:

Dear Xcode, It's polite of you to ask me whether or not you should crash, but try not to ask it so often!

Where does one get a suit like this?? #CanadaIsWeird

ahh , making people feel shitty about their lives this year :)

yup! and also don't wanna ruin the surprise but…

i do pretty well apparently :)

This will make you wish you we sent you duplicate emails this morning (hint: it's )

. pointed out to me that i signed up for in Jul of 2010 #weirdearlyadopterbrag

haha seriously??

scary when a rails 3.2 gem has "Too complex right now" for a synopsis:


odd, worked on safari, but not chrome

ha! Current Chartbeat Status: (it might make a 360?)

Current Chartbeat Status:

Current Status:

this is what happens when someone from pivotal labs joins your team (that's nearly 5x):

still happening