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Holy crap. The view from my usual seat at Floyd's. KISS KISS BANG BANG!

And now a tree is in our pool. Yay for weather.

Last picture: A bb gun and a lot of toothbrushes.

Trap #2

Trap #1

Step One is done. Step Two is lights and ornaments. Step Three is traps.

My "Wolfman" from Aidan's Monsters showed up!

Tower of Terror

It's on.

Yay! My copy of DESTROY ALL MOVIES has arrived.

Windy Guy. What up, .

And now my really really ridiculously long poster is framed and up. Sweeeet.

Also, this is why y'all should go to elecTRONica. Glojitos.

I could sleep tonight, but I had a better idea...

This ain't no game.


WeHo Best Buy. ANCHORMAN and DEEP BLUE SEA. Awwww yeah.

I haven't been reading enough. About to fix that.

It is now mine. If I was irresponsible I'd start the show from the beginning asap.