A hockey/photographing loving mom living in BC's Fraser Valley. I ♥ @VanCanucks Luuu lover ❤ RK17, KB3, @Baumer_5 @eddielack @DonnieWahlberg @JonathanRKnight

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Check out the necklace that my special lil Eman gave me for mama's day. #LOVEETERNAL

Hey who's caesar's in my picture??

Hahah hey #bananaboy look what I found at the liquor store. ;-)

Hey aka #BananaBoy. How's this for starters with those 10 million bananas.

Albacore Tuna Nachos at not the only thing nice n spicy around here!

Yum!! #LiquidLunch with

This is how you know its the girls bathroom.

Hey look!!! Fish Tacos!!! Hahahaha

I love this lil house!! #toocute #abbotsford

Mixed veggies to go with steak n baked taterz on da #BBQ.

Next Bday in my house is getting this cake. Lol

This is what became of my banana.

look. A yummy banana. Mmmmmmm

Our bill ladies!!

Airplane from the toilet tvC ;-) #CactusClub #Abbotsford

Hey who knew they had rat poop for dessert at the cactus club?

Who wants my cherry?? ..... Oh wait...... O_o

Chow time!! :)

Hey I got my banana drinkC ;-)