A hockey/photographing loving mom living in BC's Fraser Valley. I ♥ @VanCanucks Luuu lover ❤ RK17, KB3, @Baumer_5 @eddielack @DonnieWahlberg @JonathanRKnight

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This is my story and I'm stickin to it!! :D

this is the pic

Something I haven't seen in a while in the streets. A #canucks jersey woot

Eman playing at the park. #afterschoolfun

Hey creepy guys. Stop staring! You're freaking me out.

Movie being shot downtown #abbotsford. License plate from #Florida

Movie being filmed in downtown #abbotsford. #probablychristmasinfloridaorcalifornia

Ooooh what is that up in the sky?? #Juneuary #Brrrr

How does this phone belong in a 50's diner? I had an olive coloured phone like this growing up.

Hey your lunch is being made right now. ;-) #spicybaconNtaterPORNchowder

Here's the unliquid part of the lunch. #omnomnom

Baked tater soup. #RedRobin

#penis broken .....

My project for today!! Cleaning out Eman's room!! #Beforepic

Those annoying crows don't seem to bother young rocky the racoon.

Woke up to 5 asshole crows up in my tree pissing me off with a coon up in there too.

Hey I bet mines bigger than yours.

Only in #abbotsford do your neighbours own a backhoe!

#party at my house!! Lol

Mmmm which one to try first. #omnomnomnom