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Old school digital forensics and incident response, caked with malware analysis and a heaping of video game addiction. Unapologetic ginger.

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Old Virginia police SWAT truck. WANT!

Awesome RMO from NCIS

Settled into Richmond, VA for the week. Brought in my command center.

Stuffed from sushi/sashimi. Hanaro in Bethesda, awesome place.

The view from the front of #BSidesDE Track 2 as the room filled up.

Wife and I celebrated our 11th anniversary today. Woot!

Samurais and ninjas, oh my #Rally4Sanity

Samurais and ninjas, oh my #Rally4Sanity

Oh look. The front of the line! Wait, still have to circle the bldg twice more :( #RallyForSanity #NewCarrollton

You curb one brand new car w/ 10 miles on it and you get branded for life. I blame and

here's another pic. It's by the Neiman Marcus

Kids pumpkin contest at mall, not the place for political nonsense (cc ) #MDSlots

I'm really starting to question Netflix's Like algorithm.

Whoever is running reCAPTCHA must be scanning in their books upside down. Three in a row like this.

Cork ripped in half, pliers were deployed. Got cork in my wine :( #FirstWorldProblems

No power means lots of "Enjoy Sudoku", but it goes too fast (btw highly recommend it above other sudoku apps)

Now that's a clever malicious email approach. I know many who would have opened it.

Huge hole in tire means I'm rocking the stylistic donut. It's actually great therapy for my road rage.

Now that the weather is cooling off, here's my afternoon office space

Bad thing about having office in video room. When a shoot is scheduled I lose my desk :)