I tweet about everything: Buckeyes, Hokies, Caps, Reds, Redskins, politics, TV. movies, earthquakes, celeb gossip, etc.. I make amazing chocolate chip cookies.

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How does rain affect a #pursuit? shows us.

Thank you & for my #Nines! Best thing ever. Y'all rock!

You see the two 1's at the end? If you change them to both 25, then hit enter, you'll be on page 25

#throwbackthursday Hope she doesn't mind, but here's one of me and

here you go

Hey , something might be wrong with your site.

This might be the greatest idea ever. Who's in?

I want this shirt. Sadly, in today's world, i is so true. #fb

if you wear that, I'll dress as Captain America

She's talented, nice, attractive and tall. Thanks for the picture

Thank you for the autographed picture. Don't forget to vote for

Met Rainn Wilson today. #TheOffice #SoulPancake

you and a monkey? That monkey is better than these monkeys you were with.

What's important to local news? Three tweets in a row in my timeline...

I didn't know wee ere supposed to be sending you animal pictures. Roommate's cats f̶i̶g̶h̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ playing

How cool is my cousin, ? She sent me these. #Buckeyenation

How cool is my cousin, ? She sent me these. #Buckeyenation