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damn it! this ppic just doesnt want to upload!

drew Petra as a 90's image comic babe, complete with weird reflection boobs and pouches.

my present from Dave!

new haircut ftw

what will i do when i need that?

kaz wont let me draw.

your daily Kaz spam.

here she is... XD

nurse kaz is attending the patient... or annoying.

first cast. XD

one outfit down, one to go!

lil machina!

omg it's full of stars. i mean dolls!

shes like an island. a furry island.

worked on this today!

fuck yeah sally lunn bread!

behold! the disembodied head of decker!

please dont tea bag my hair clip, Sideswipe.

this is why i was reluctant to sew. now its too hot to clean!

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