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You may have seen David Barton Harris on MTV's Disaster Date. He teaches at Upright Citizens Brigade and performs there with his group, Last Day of School.

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  • 1862 days ago via site
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heartbreakingly plaintive note on a telephone pole outside the retirement home on my block

  • 2351 days ago via site
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Poll indicates potential for comedy, but still too risky: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-10904691

  • 2360 days ago via site
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Turns out they didn't actually work on the film, just HUGE FANS.

  • 2388 days ago via site
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This warning saved my life today.

  • 2461 days ago via site
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I didn't say it...

  • 2464 days ago via site
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Mark watched the show and invited us to his home, which includes a small dirt bike track and a fridge of Pabst.

  • 2487 days ago via site
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In its 7th season South Park devoted an entire episode to Casa Bonita.

  • 2488 days ago via site
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If you thought that Chinese zodiac was good, check out how I photoshopped this hot girl into this picture.

  • 2578 days ago via site
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According to ancient Chinese tradition, 2010 is the Year of the WORLD DOMINATION.

  • 2578 days ago via site
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Today I saw in a lobby with AT LEAST this many upright floor lamps. Probably more.

  • 2643 days ago via site
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Highlights magazine has a Dinosaur Editor on staff. #bestjobever

  • 2711 days ago via site
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Pic from set this week. NSFW

  • 2718 days ago via site
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At what point can BIC just write "USE THIS TO GET HIGH"

  • 2721 days ago via site
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Not bad for a Wednesday. Did you get my submission for the dailies yet?

  • 2727 days ago via site
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George Sodini was the PA LAFitness shooter. Finally, the highly coveted domain, CrazyGeorge.com, is up for public bidding in 2010.

  • 2727 days ago via site
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