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Isn't this place supposed to be in Westchester, not Chelsea???

I don't understand how I have "reached my limit" of articles on this month when I haven't read any yet. #paywallfail

Live! From the first Teen Author Reading Night of 2012! #fb

Not just a geeky Christmas - an EXCEPTIONALLY geeky Christmas! #fb

Mmmmm... Hot spiked cider. (Kids, don't do this! You're too young!)

Tiger Beat doth rock mightily!

Here are some of the #mangaman postcards being sent to for signing!

How awesomely appropriate is it that we authors are at same hotel as conference for mental health??? #fb #tbf2011

Look upon my works, ye mighty...and despair!

Teen Author Reading Night:

Oh noes! Now is tempting me with baked goods!

I can cookz awesome shrimps 'n' pasta????? #fb

Help me, Twitter! I'm supposed to do my #ihuntkillers page proofs in a color that will stand out. Which one should I use?

Empire State Building on 7/4, as seen from Hoboken. Happy Fourth!

SPOILER ALERT! There is a SUBWAY in Men in Black 3!!!

is at WC Bryant High in Queens for the 11th annual Read Aloud!

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