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I was told there would be no math.

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The DIY camera purse. The red illustrates where you would loosely sew the bag to the lining of the large purse.

  • 1361 days ago via site
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Team Edward. Gi is obsessed. It's embarrassing, really.

  • 1426 days ago via site
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The best part of giving in and buying Wyatt the play doctor kit from ToysRUs? Free botox.

  • 1433 days ago via site
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How drunk do I have to get Andy to talk him into letting me spend $44 on a piece of my youth?

  • 1443 days ago via site
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This is the cast I fashioned for Wyatt made out of ice, wet towel, ziploc bag and hair scrunchie. I am Bear Grylls.

  • 1452 days ago via site
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Sometimes, a new hair color is JUST what you need to feel better about yourself. Oh, and a strawberry smoothie.

  • 1473 days ago via site
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In other news, it's SPRING! So thanks to my brother Adam for these STUNNING chairs for our patio. Perfect for muskrat sex watching.

  • 1482 days ago via site
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On the outside they look pretty-ish enough. On the inside? BARF.

  • 1482 days ago via site
  • 258's spring, y'all.

  • 1491 days ago via site
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Sigh, every time Brittany comes to get me from her mom's, she changes my name bc she is a psycho. -Lulu the Pug

  • 1493 days ago via site
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Good at friend making, this one is.

  • 1499 days ago via phone
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Gigi picking up the check.

  • 1501 days ago via phone
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Am unbottoning my pants.

  • 1501 days ago via phone
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Plated beef ribs. Gigi and I are moving in with and full time. SEND FOR MY THINGS.

  • 1502 days ago via phone
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Gigi is ready to go see auntie !

  • 1502 days ago via phone
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Jude, and who is now, officially, Lola the pug.

  • 1506 days ago via phone
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A gift of yummies from our favorite Canadian houseguests! COVET!

  • 1509 days ago via phone
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Taking turns snuggling btwn trying to name her. This's Lottie.

  • 1509 days ago via phone
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Shhhhh. Willow the pug is here and Wyatt is in snuggle love.

  • 1509 days ago via phone
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Gigi is exhausted from the brood. And we haven't even opened the wine yet.

  • 1510 days ago via phone
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