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‎​ Bambino and iwer george on da Tribe Truck Yesterday madddd

‎​ Naked March 12th


Come to mi

Ready 4 di rd again



Pepsi music tun up

Girls Tun up...trinidad

Trinidad after Jourvert

the after picture....9.52 secs

the b4 picture

YVAS 2011 Cake Soap..a ha a....Don't teef da Laugh deh

YVAS 2011 Cake Soap..A ha a...doh teef da laugh Deh

How u like dem apples

Knock off Charriot-Save the environment..go green..sorry I meant go Donkey Go.

Jamaica-Knock off Road Signs-Translation- "Don't Drive here you will mash up yu Rhatid Car and Ded"

Exclusive fake jeans and knock off T-shirt Prototype preview...check it out