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this is ridiculous! Support this tablet damn it! #PlayBook

when will this item be supported for the #PlayBook ??? #BlackBerry10 #BlackBerrywhen

This is not cool and you know it! Sent from my #PlayBook !!!

Why do I have to purchase a free upgrade? Been like this 4 weeks. Devs said u "fixed" it.

when are you guys gonna fix circle bridge paid update issue?

notice the build number and above upgrade number

circle pie bridge been charging for free update for weeks

Now I know why #BlackBerry10 isn't on the PlayBook still

Anyone know if this is legit flipboard for #PlayBook? #TeamBlackBerry

#PlayBook Diary a day in the life update 3.0 #wow

#TeamBlackBerry need help which game is best here?

Shark Dash pb now available on the #PlayBook woot!

what does this app do? No description

Native Dictionary. Com now in world for the #PlayBook

why can't I uninstall this app? #PlayBook

new games available 4 PlayBook n BlackBerry10 but the OS is 10. Or higher doesn't show up in appworl

This is Apollo. It uses your Pandora account and imo its better looking and it functions beautifully

Swept the #Playoffs #Ravens #Champions